Uptown Body Contouring - Buttock Fashion - New York, NY

Dr Daniel Del Vecchio of Uptown Body Contouring discusses the essentials of fashion and beauty and how they are important when reshaping a buttock during Brazilian Butt Lift.


Buttock augmentation with fat grafting is an operation that is really relatively new. There are several different cultural variations in what constitutes an aesthetically pleasing butt. Now, if you're not appreciating that and you're a plastic surgeon and you don't look at a lot of buttocks and you don't appreciate what makes a buttock really good looking, you're not going to have any chance of making that buttock look good, because you don't even have the aesthetic in your mind about what it's supposed to look like or who you're operating on.

When I'm in the operating room trying to make that person more aesthetically pleasing based on her aesthetic and based on my aesthetic, I'm using fashion and creativity to change that shape. So, I think that we as plastic surgeons definitely need to be more fashion-conscious. We need to appreciate what beautiful is not only in the body but also in clothing and shoes because it will put us in better touch with our patients.