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Composite gluteal augmentation is a new technique that uses smaller implants and fat to give patients reliable roundness and projection, and at the same time giving them a natural look with widening of the hips. This technique is only performed by a few plastic surgeons in the world.


We're going to place the implants in the most projecting part of the gluteus muscle and surround it with fat laterally to get this fill here, and we'll remove fat from this area. We're going to take some fat out of the lateral oblique area. I mean there's really not a lot, but we'll get whatever we can possibly get from the inner thigh and knees, sparing the mid femoral region. In this really thin patient, we managed to suck a hundred out of each abdomen, and then we managed to suck out a hundred here and 200 here for a total of about 600cc of fat. We're going to begin the pocket dissection. We're going to make an initial incision here and dissect towards this pocket and make a big pocket here for the implant. We've dissected to the subcutaneous tissue in this very thin patient, and we immediately see the muscle.

See it contract here. We're going to enter that muscle and put the implant in that muscle pocket. We're just going to booby through this muscle like this until we get deep. Once we get to the right depth, I'll show you where you want to be. You can see how thick the muscle is, and this is how deep we are in the muscle before we start to head to the pocket. Here with this spatula we're just dissecting parallel to the fibers creating this pocket and staying deep. We've dissected both of these pockets, and we've put sponges in here just to occupy space. You can see the increased projection in these pockets. Now we're just going to fat graft around each side and then put it in the implants.

You can see we put the fat on this side and the fat on this side is flat. There is no fat on this side, but now we got nice lateral fullness here and now we'll inject the fat on this side. That's good. This side has an implant with fat overlay. This side just has a sponge with the fat overlay, but you can see the difference now with the implant and the fat. You get the best of both worlds. You get the core projection of the implant and the natural transitional look of fat with hip widening. We put implants in 276cc and we've got the core projection of that implant, and then we use natural fat around the transitional zones to get a really nice curvature, hip widening, and overall improvement in the buttock shape.