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How to Achieve Natural Looking Results


Getting to the Bottom of the Rise of Butt Enhancement

Brazilian Butt Lift: Minimize Risks and Maximize Curves


Is BBL Safe?

What is the Fastest Growing Cosmetic Procedure?

Why is the Brazilian Butt Lift so Popular?

What is SAFE Brazilian Butt Lift?

What is Breast Augmentation Under Local Anesthesia (BALA)?

Benefits of Breast Augmentation Under Local Anesthesia (BALA)

Patient Deaths During Brazilian Butt Lift Explained

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No Spin Live Episode 45 - Social Media, FDA Aims at Laser Companies, and an Implant and a Hockey Puck

Fatal Consequences at the Hands of the Dancing "Surgeon"

Surgery to Fix the Belly Button, A Good Idea?

Is Virtual Reality the Future of Consultations?

The State of Unqualified Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

Rodrigo Alves, the Extreme End of Plastic Surgery

Catherine Zeta Jones, Instagram and The "Crime" of Plastic Surgery


Do Plastic Surgeons Have Surgery Themselves?

Family Doctor Sued by 15 Women After Plastic Surgery Complications

A Facelift vs. Mini Facelift Discussion

A Prize from Labiaplasty - Your Labia Necklace

The Media Claims Surgeons Fix More Procedures Than Not Afterwards

Extreme Plastic Surgery Procedures

Scrotox - Yes, the Combination of Botox with Scrotums

Live Streaming Plastic Surgery, Is It Safe?

Pornhub Signals The Drooping Popularity of Big Breasts

Here's a Plastic Surgery Secret: Don't Think Bigger is Always Better

What's the Secret Behind Medical Tourism?

The 2 Minute Drill - Buttock Implants and Fat Grafting

Clinic Changes Branding to Avoid Past of Patient Deaths

Medical Tourism - Safe or Not?

Four Possible Butt Implant Complications and One Great Alternative

Who's the Real Botox Doc, a Dermatologist or a Plastic Surgeon?

Dr. Miami and Age Limits in Private Practice

UFC Fighter Removed from Fight Card for Having Breast Implants

Brazilian Butt Lift: Minimize Risks and Maximize Curves

Vampire Breast Lift with Platelet-Rich Plasma?

Fat and Face Trends from the Latest Statistics

Patient Seeks to Sell Her Removed Implants on eBay

Butt Augmentation Increasing "Eye Seconds”

The Final Contouring Frontier: Butt Augmentation

Restoring Volume with Facial Fillers

Black Market Cosmetic Products

Taylor Swift and Implants?

Implants in the Media

"Celebrities" and Plastic Surgery

New Inspira Implant Approved

The "Designer Vagina"

Breast Augmentation Regret?