Patient Testimonials

Video Testimonials:

D.B. Says:

"Dr. D. is the best. The BBL he does is life changing. We are so lucky to have him here in the Northeast when it seems all the good guys are in MIA, TX, and DR. I encourage you to book fast--he is getting more famous out here in NYC and Boston and he is getting so busy. I am so lucky to have gotten in when I did and I am in love with my results!"

Suzie Smith Says:

“Dr. Del Vecchio was a pleasure to work with, he is confident with his work and that was important to me. He seems to be a very calm and get right to the point kind of guy, but as I went in there being myself I made him laugh and loosened him up. He knows his stuff and answered all my questions and concerns”

S. Hilton Says:

“Dr. Del Vecchio was unreal and awesome. He made me very comfortable and was very straight forward about everything. He answered all of my questions. He and his staff were very professional and responsive. Getting surgery is a very scary experience but I felt very comfortable and safe with Dr. Del Vecchio. Even when I woke up from my surgery he was there and told me I did a great job. I am very happy that I decided to go to him for this surgery”

Jayel Says:

“Dr. D always made me feel comfortable whenever I had to come to him. He assured me that I would have a wonderful result and that I did! Although some may not be able to handle it, he is brutally honest and that’s what I prefer. He was very straight forward with me and was always kind. I never left his office with any confusion for the fact that he and his staff made sure everything was answered. I would recommend him to anyone interested in plastic surgery- especially the butt”

Lydia Says:

“Breast augmentation via autologous fat grafting was hands down one of the best decisions I've ever made. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it and both my exhaustive research and four years of living with this have cemented my opinion that there is no better option available anywhere for breast augmentation. Before getting the procedure I looked into every facet of traditional implants, partial vs fully sub muscular placement, Mentor vs Allergan, Saline and Silicon, Textured or smooth, etc. For me it all came down to the fact that those implants have an unacceptable level of lifetime reliability and there is controversy about whether an implant rupture is dangerous to your health. The fat grafting approach has none of these risks and since they are your own cells will never wear out or be stressed by athletics or motion. While I did have a small complication, some of the fat in one of my breasts hardened, it didn't affect appearance, was painless, and was just a small defect I rarely noticed. Furthermore, Dr. Del Vecchio’s office offered me a chance to come in and get a treatment to break up some of the problematic fat so I am more than satisfied with their care and customer service. I am so happy I decided to do this and I can't put a value on how confident and satisfied I am with the shape of my body now"

Bonzie Says:

“Dr. Del Vecchio has to be one of the best plastic surgeons in the country. He and his staff are so friendly and helpful. There were no surprises. Everything that was explained to me was exactly what happened. I am very pleased with the final results and would highly recommend Dr. Del Vecchio.”

Ami Bie Says:

“My doctor [Dr. Del Vecchio] was amazing. He literally answered all my questions and kept in contact with me every day after my surgery until I felt comfortable. Getting appointments and wait time in the office is a little tough but the doctor himself is AMAZING”

Anonymous Says:

Very nice bedside manner, personable, informative and understanding”

Anonymous Says:

"Dr. D performed Lipo-sculpture with Fat Transfer to the Buttocks. He gave me the natural look I wanted”

Anonymous Says:

“He is excellent, and he addresses all of your issues and he is certified”

Anonymous Says:

“Dr. Del Vecchio is extremely honest and answered every question I had regarding the procedures. He has such confidence in his work which puts me at ease. I highly recommend him”

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